The bare bones version:

I’m an artist, teacher and writer. 

The professional version:

Janet Balboa is the creator of colorful and inspiring art. Her bestselling prints are The Journey, The Green Man and Wise Women. Her work has been called ‘empowering’ and ‘life affirming’. One collector states that ‘enjoying Janet’s work is like sitting with the muse.’ Sometimes she teaches children and adults about finding and nurturing their own voice and individual creativity. Most of the time she reads, researches and creates. Visit her online at www.janetbalboa.com

To order prints click here. I have my prints for sale on my FB page. I receive your order, I sign the print, put it in a heavy plastic sleeve, put in fun extra stuff, and have the mighty USPS deliver it right to you, or where ever you would like it sent. Easy-peasy. From my hands to your wall.

I don’t typically sell my originals. I draw on marker paper which is flimsy stuff and I color with markers and pencils for absolute brightness of color. I don’t think marker has a long shelf-life. Although one of my originals has been hanging in my brother’s kitchen for the last 20 years and everyone says it looks great, I can tell its faded. Prints however, are on super sturdy light fast paper and will last a million years. Plus they’re bound to be cheaper than originals. order prints. It’s safer.

To stay in touch, follow me on twitter (sporadic)or better, Instagram( almost daily).

Here’s what I’m working on right now: