I’m a creator of colorful and inspiring art. A friend of mine told me once that ‘enjoying your work is like sitting with the muse.’ which makes my day. Bringing joy is what I’m all about.

I love, love encouraging children and adults to find and nurture their own voice and individual creativity. What sustains you when everything outside you is stressing you to bits? Your connection to who you really are. Find a way to let that radiance out!

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My prints are available at JanetBalboa.Studio

I don’t typically sell my originals. I draw on marker paper which is flimsy stuff and I color with markers and pencils for the absolute divine brightness of the color.  Although one of my originals has been hanging in my brother’s kitchen for the last 20 years and everyone says it looks great, I can tell it’s fading. Prints however, are on super sturdy light fast paper; resisting fading. Yay.

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Here’s what I’m working on right now:

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