Tree and Stone

8 Sep

Tree and Stone

For I have a message I would repeat to you,

a word of tree and a whisper of stone

the sighing of the heavens to the earth…

From the The Baal Cycle, 13th century BC.

We are separated from the land, and from our own nature. This is a choice. The truth is deep, unfathomable belonging. The truth is that we are the ancient, conscious, intelligent expressions of all- that- is. We belong. We are part of all creation. We are the song of humanity.


The Green Man

6 Sep

The Green Man

Maeve’s Brooch

2 Sep

Maeve's Brooch


A Millstatt Face

1 Sep

Millsatt Face Day 9.  A Millstatt Face. Millstatt Abbey  is a former monastery in Millstatt, Austria. In this City of Mil, we find that  ancient Celtic beliefs were overlayed with Christian beliefs in 1070 AD, when the Benedictines took over. The city itself is named after the Celtic creation god, Mil, as it translates literally, ‘City of Mil.’ Well then. Locals believe that an ancient place of worship existed here as least as far back as Charlemagne, if not before. The town’s name certainly  implies that this holy place has pagan beginnings.  In a beautiful carving, typically stylized Celtic faces peer out from above the massive entryway. The scene over the door  shows

‘the sun, moon and stars watching Millstatt Monastery being given into the hands of Christ by its founder and are struck dumb (literally, they have no mouths) by this pious act.  Could this be an unconscious reference to the silencing of the ancient pagan beliefs?’  says Historic Impressions.

Now whether or not you’re pagan isn’t the point. Or at least not my point. I’m wondering if the face peering from behind the crescent moon has a right to speak? Is he not allowed a voice just because he comes from a different perspective? And I wonder about the many, many artists who have effectively allowed themselves to be silenced, not from fear of persecution, but by our modern day fears of self-doubt, insecurity and general unwillingness to accept and believe in our true worth. WHICH IS PRICELESS. So is it fair that we silence ourselves- or anyone, for that matter, because our opinions don’t reflect the status quo? Because we ‘don’t believe in ourselves’ anymore?’ Because we’re afraid to speak our truth?

We live in a time of incredible freedom – we pride ourselves on this very freedom. We say we value ‘mavericks’, ‘individuals’. Well? Standing up for what you believe and expressing it takes great courage, mastery and discipline. So does being an artist. Mavericks. Deviants. Bohemians. ARTISTS. Celebrate that creativity, use your freedom of expression. Be courageous. The world need artists, just as it always has needed court jesters. Truth needs to be expressed, one way or the other. Don’t be silenced by fear. Let your heart open and express your truth.



The Hobies

31 Aug

The Hobie

And here they are… Day 8. The Hobies. A mushroom, actually. My grandparents were always out Hobie hunting. I don’t ever remember seeing a mushroom- I think they just enjoyed the day off alone rambling around the countryside together. A happy relationship with your partner as you both grow older together is a precious gift, one that requires nurturing in order to encourage a second bloom late in life. The blooms are exquisite, the color magnificent and the aroma heavenly.  So my grandma said.

The Magic Door

30 Aug

The Magic Door

Day 7. The Magic Door. I always wanted to wander across a hidden door in a tree. I knew that I would open the door- that was never the question. The question of what was inside never really bothered me either, I just knew it would be somewhere better than school, or homework, or sleepless nights – whatever darkened my days. Years later, after being married, raising children, saying goodbye to loved ones, growing older – I stand a pretty good chance of actually finding such a door. Before, it was all about me. Now,  I have gifts to give, stories to tell, songs to sing.  I will be far better company for whomever lives here. I might even get invited to tea.

The Key

29 Aug

The Key watermark

The key. Everyone is looking for this key. Do you know who holds it? Whose hands it has always been entrusted to? The artists. The writers, the poets. The creative. Across the centuries creators have held the key to the imagination. And the key to the imagination is the key to everything. Writers imagine whole worlds. Poets catch verse out of thin air. Artists shut their eyes and see an apple in their mind. Spots, colors, size, wormholes; every part of that specific imaginary apple. And if you can do that, conjure up an apple in your mind, imagine what type of world you could create- if you put your mind to it. It all starts with you. Internally. In your imagination. So let your vision flow forth, into our vision starved world and begin the most human and divine experiment possible. Creation. It’s what you came for.

The Finch

27 Aug

The Finch

Ok. Day 5. The Finch. Bright cheery happy little birds. All over the garden this time of year. ‘bless…

The Artist’s Little Helper

26 Aug

The Crow

A rare glimpse into the secret undertakings over at Triskele Moon Studios. Leanne is preparing for a big show tonight at The Starline Gallery. So my drawing for today, Day 4, is in honor of the trusty little minions that help us do what we do. Those clever little helpers- seen and unseen- that guide our hands to just the right gemstone, the perfect word, or the snappiest color. Never resting, always waiting on our call for help and guidance. Of course they can be angels. Yet in the work space of a master jeweler? I somehow think a crow to be much more appropriate. What’s his name Leanne?

The Milky Way

25 Aug

The Milky Way

The Milky Way. A sight that has vanished from most of our skies, but was an ever present source of awe, wonder and inspiration for our ancestors. We exist in a world full of magic, just as they did. The joy of a child’s smile, a lover’s glance, a job well done, and the marvel that is life itself – these and infinite other causes for gratitude have stayed the same across the millennia. In order to see this incredible celestial light show, we have to be surrounded by the utter darkness of night. And so it goes for us too, the darkest conditions often reveal our most extraordinary light.

The Tiny Cairn

24 Aug

The Tiny Cairn

Cairns are markers of an ancient sort. Over the millennia they have marked roads, burials, buried supplies, boundaries and countless other things. Here is a cairn to mark today as a special day – a marker for whatever needs celebrating, honoring or just a plain old mini monument to elegantly proclaim ‘I was here!’ Which you are. You are alive. Full of possibilities. Mischief. Life. What kind of mark will you make?!

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