what I’m working on now

Persephone. Graphite- Blackwing Pencils #602 and Matte. Also Prismacolor background.

The Three Hares – I just am in love with The Three Hares Project, so I drew a beautiful addition to the growing body of work. Mary: Still in progress!!!

I’m working on the roses and the mistletoe. also, the Chartres inspired/copied labyrinth halo. loving the soft muted colors…

pencil sketch Mary Magdalene
My current  large work ( 18″ x 24″,markers/colored pencil) – Mary Magdalene. Here’s some sketches of the sacred geometry and other symbols that will be in the border:

To see more about this picture, click here and/or search ‘mary magdalene’ tags on this site. I love this project. Super challenging.

My last work –  Divine Wisdom,  5 x 7 colored pencil and marker.

Divine Wisdom









TEACHING.  I have students from 7 to 70. It’s really important for me that my students explore who they are, get an idea of what is happening in their heads that is just dying to be expressed. So I’m more a teacher of process and technique that will serve a lifetime, rather than a you do what I do kinda person. I’m way more about unschooling; unlearning too, than rules. Shocker.

You can find out more about me on my about page.

I can’t always answer all my email, or I wouldn’t get anything done, and when I’m not drawing, I’m teaching, reading, gardening and visiting my favorite local coffee houses.

I’m always available for speaking engagements.

This page inspired by Derek Sivers. and Austin Kleon. thank you.

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