Light your path. In ten minutes.

23 May

teleophorosThink about your time and how you spend it.

How much time do you allow for doing those things which you really value?

My bet is its far less time than you would like.


How much time can you allow for doing those things which you really value?

My answer is ten minutes the night before. I’ll explain.

Most of your time is spent taking care of urgent matters, especially if you have other people who depend on you to get it done.

Are all the urgent things you are doing giving you joy and inspiring you? Probably not. So why do you continue giving them top priority? Doing only the urgent leaves you drained and feeling powerless.

The key to right use of your time is to replace urgent demands with the essential accomplishments that fulfill and restore you.

Here’s the secret: Begin to include one thing a day that excites you. Anything that excites you will energize you. Go for something that makes you feel great.

Here’s the power: When you begin to include one thing a day that excites you, you will find that you have more energy that will equate to more hours in your day. You will have a sense of positive purpose and direction. You’ll actually accomplish more because you’ll have the desire and attention to stay focused. You’ll treat those around you with respect because you are practicing self-respect. It’s a win-win.

Here’s the ten minute job that will get it done.

Light your path.

What you’ll need:

A journal or a day planner.

Ten minutes of quiet.

Take three deep breaths and let go of the day. Take time to reconnect with your beautiful, highly intelligent body. Notice your arms and legs, gently shake out any stress. Do some shoulder rolls and rock your head from shoulder to shoulder. Let your thoughts quiet down. Recognize that you have the power to decide to care for yourself. Feel the floor, or the chair supporting your body. Know that you are always supported, no matter what. Breathe.

When you are in a relaxed and opened state of mind,  write down one thing that you would like to accomplish. Something that is of value to you, something that has been whispering to you for awhile. Be specific. Is it something you can accomplish within a day? Or several months? Either way, be as clear as possible and get it on paper. Limit yourself to one or two sentences.  Writing will focus your thoughts and let your powerful subconscious know that you’re beginning to get serious about this thing.

When you have finished writing, take a couple of minutes to close your eyes and lightly think about the possibility of what you have written. Don’t get serious, just play with it. Express gratitude for the unique and powerful being that you are. Expect that you will receive help.

Before you go to bed, read what you’ve written. Sweet dreams.

You’ve created a well- lit path for your subconscious to follow. Your subconscious will work as you sleep, as is often evidenced by the ideas and events that occur during the following days regarding your intention. Pay attention to opportunities and synchronicities that happen around you.  When you are inspired to act–ACT.  Each day take one action towards your goal, no matter how small the step may seem. Take immediate action whenever possible, it’s like letting your subconscious know that you appreciate the help. When you appreciate it, the help keeps coming.

Once you’re in the habit of spending ten minutes lighting your path intentionally, you’ll find that more and more meaningful opportunities will appear in your life. You’ll be accomplishing things that really matter to you and the astonishing part is that a lot of the urgent stuff will just take care of itself. This short exercise really does have the power to change you. For ten minutes a day, it’s time well spent.





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