The Key

29 Aug

The Key watermark

The key. Everyone is looking for this key. Do you know who holds it? Whose hands it has always been entrusted to? The artists. The writers, the poets. The creative. Across the centuries creators have held the key to the imagination. And the key to the imagination is the key to everything. Writers imagine whole worlds. Poets catch verse out of thin air. Artists shut their eyes and see an apple in their mind. Spots, colors, size, wormholes; every part of that specific imaginary apple. And if you can do that, conjure up an apple in your mind, imagine what type of world you could create- if you put your mind to it. It all starts with you. Internally. In your imagination. So let your vision flow forth, into our vision starved world and begin the most human and divine experiment possible. Creation. It’s what you came for.

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