Our Feminine Divine

12 Jan

The Feminine Divine

For all of us who feel a little lost, a lot frightened and afraid to come home to our own inner feminine…The metaphorical Divine Mother has all the patience and time in the world to love you, exactly as you are, every day, whether you know it or not. Whether you care or not.

Our adventurous, questing and brave Masculine Spirit, riding out into the material world will find its equal partner in our holy, receptive, sensual, delight-filled divine bodies – the container of our Soul; our Sacred Feminine, who has never been lost, just ignored at great cost.

Learning to trust, to come home, to have faith in the wisdom of our magnificent bodies is what all this return of the feminine is about. Feel your place, your center in the vessel that is you, the broken yet strong container that holds your life.

Our united inner masculine and feminine, our Spirit and our Soul, create the wholeness, the Holy, the healing taking place quietly, within each of us. Listen to your body. Dance quietly in your living room. Be present to the tremendous energy that surrounds you. As your Spirit has been seeking you from the outside, now your Soul calls to you from deep inside.

Have courage and faith in your Self. Relax into your body and allow your Soul to heal the terrible split in our minds and bodies. When we become one in ourselves we can feel the world as one radiant light emanating in a billion forms. You are loved. You are love. You are awakening from that 100 year princess beauty sleep. The Queen has arrived. Wipe the sleep from your eyes. She is you. She is us.

This is not mother-love I’m talking about. This is the Divine Mother taking up her rightful place in our inner world. Powerful, compassionate, giving because she is receptive- softening the hard places in us, breathing life into our desperate lives. Bring her flowers. Open your heart.

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