20 Apr

When The Muse takes over. It is on Her terms for sure. Needed to do a portrait for Creative Arts Art Show. Who better than Dali!?
Didn’t anticipate staying up until midnight to get this painted. It’s acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12. I haven’t painted for years. And yet…here he is.

For me, Dali is a great example of living into the Soul, those daring and beautiful and fully expressed humans who place the seriousness of the Soul over any personal agenda. I think in handing over the reins, they agree to life as an adventure, as a calling – and they, (as a personality) try to stay out of the way. Which is a paradox in itself…

They know the game involves saying ‘yes’, it really is the first rule of Life, as well as of improv.  Ask any comedian, saying yes allows the show to go on, saying ‘no’ in an improv performance-  watch the action fizzle out.

My message from Dali, as I spent time with him over the evening, was to be braver. To listen to my heart, my Muse, the Soul, that very often has an entirely different agenda than I do. And what’s wrong with that? Don’t I long for newness, the experience of being alive? Something that challenges and excited me? Hell yah. C,mon, who doesn’t want to be a daring and beautiful and fully expressed human?
Damn those torpedoes already

I’ve put Phillipe Halsman’s original title from the photograph he took of Dali, and popped it on my print with a funky retro font.  If you’d like a signed print (Dali is no longer signing) I will be happy to sign and mail it to you. $25 shipping included. It’s 11×14 on heavy stock.
Send me your address and I can send you over an invoice. janet@janetbalboa.com

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