My 100 Mandala Journey

24 May

Hello. I hope this finds you well. This is an unusual time and place to be, and I am grateful we can share this virtual space and create a community together. Thanks technology, thanks open- hearted humans!

In my 100 mandala’s journey, and I’m on #10…I’m discovering that my artwork has become a tool for me, an actual practice in the same way as meditation. 

As my consciousness is shifting and I’m deep diving in my hour+ a day meditation, I’m able to regard my work in a very different light. 

I see it very much as coming thru me, not in a woo woo way, although that’s not a wrong way to describe it- a better way might be the feeling that the whole design is complete and my job is to fill it in as best I can. Which makes sense intellectually, idk- I’ve never conceived of it in this way. 

The difference is in my approach. Now, when I sit down it’s as if I’m meeting up with something. Not *just* sitting down to draw. I carefully now arrange my tools, give myself enough time and space, clear my mind…and wait. 

I also sense a shift in my understanding of intention setting- the intention creates a net, a filter maybe- a vibration? A field of sorts – but I FEEL it now as a resonance that I am IN when I am drawing. Very whole/holy space.

 So this is what Joseph Campbell meant when he says it’s imperative that we each cultivate a sacred space… 

Its real. I can feel it. So wow. It’s such a subtle thing. And I guess my point is; this works. When you are consciously paying attention to yourself, holding loving space, something beautiful begins to stir. And it IS magic!!!

Much love to you beautiful souls today!!

One Response to “My 100 Mandala Journey”

  1. Koukol Brian May 24, 2022 at 10:40 pm #

    Hey Beautiful Lady,

    I tried to comment but this is as far as I get. See you soon, my dearest Janner.

    As you see here I’m the “Mudcat”

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