The Practice

24 May

The only way I have found to get myself unfreaked about the future, is to have a hand in its creation. 
I know I can’t control for the future, I know overthinking is going to kill me. I know worrying is not the answer. So I have practices.
I practice meditating every day. I sleep better. I process this crazy world better. It tips me away from all the fear –  allowing me to find solutions instead of invent problems. I practice for an open mind.
I exercise to stay flexible and feel good in my skin. I practice for a future where flexibility and strength might be needed. 
Then there is my third type of practice; I intentionally set the stage for my craft. I make my art every day, practicing for the days when it doesn’t come easy, when I feel like giving up or getting a ‘real’ job. 
My practices hold space for the reception of my future. It’s in the small, often uncomfortable moments of practice that I meet myself, that I can say with some clarity ‘This is what makes me tick, this is what I’m made of, who I am’ 
So when the future waltzes in, it may be completely unknown, but I, in myself, am able to greet it with presence and anticipation. The future, like everything else, deserves to be greeted with wonder and curiosity. 

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