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The Milky Way

25 Aug

The Milky Way

The Milky Way. A sight that has vanished from most of our skies, but was an ever present source of awe, wonder and inspiration for our ancestors. We exist in a world full of magic, just as they did. The joy of a child’s smile, a lover’s glance, a job well done, and the marvel that is life itself – these and infinite other causes for gratitude have stayed the same across the millennia. In order to see this incredible celestial light show, we have to be surrounded by the utter darkness of night. And so it goes for us too, the darkest conditions often reveal our most extraordinary light.

New Work -fall leaves. Mainly.

1 Dec

work in progress


New work! Don’t even have a working title for it yet. Something about life-in-death and death-in-life. And how as things are ‘dying’ – returning in various stages to the earth from where they came – they are breathtakingly beautiful. The unbelievable colors of fall, the rich greens of spring and summer, and the golden brown of winter -all part of the same eternal process of life. to which, it seems, most obviously, death is an integral part. So why do we treat it otherwise? The Muslims have a beautiful saying that death in its approach is terrifying, but when it comes, that moment is actually sweet. wanting to see my life -all life- as a totality, not a sum of little disconnected parts. one great big song. With the going out as beautiful and natural and mysterious as the coming in. this picture is helping me cultivate that wider, more inclusive view. I try to come into rhythm. I am trying to honor the ebbs as well as the flows.  Each day includes at least a small letting go as well as the ushering ins of the new.  Trying to allow both the space they require, without judgment.

work in progress Nov 2014




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