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Ho’oponopono Card Two

22 Mar

The second card in my Ho’oponopono Deck. Work in progress!

Representing, resonating with the Mother Aspect of us that nourishes, protects and looks after us with tenderness and love.

The part that provides a resting place; a safe haven.

For me, ‘she’ isn’t representing my actual mom, or myself as a mother, but that universal force which for me, most often shows up as the feeling state of flow, gratitude, timelessness, spaciousness, boundlessness. A place for me to be.


To me this is the most female of expressions- space.

We all have it, have access to it. It is the untended, overflowing, crazy loveliness of a garden springing into life. It is life, Eve, The Empress, Brigid, Isis, Mary, Shakti – and all the multitude of images, stories and poetry that have tried to convey the inexpressible aliveness you feel when you are in this very feminine feeling presence.

Space that is full and empty at the same time. Pure potential. The pregnant virgin. Possibilities. Never been seen before’s. Excitement. Danger. Adventure. Life.

The Ho’oponopono is about this alignment, us with ourselves, in the way of a mother in alignment with her child. The conscious part of us taking full responsibility for our inner childs well being.

It starts here, this kindness to ourself. This sanctuary already exists for us, as a haven, a space for ourself in the midst our world.

It is, as John O’Donohue said, a land out beyond the house which is fluent unto itself. Or like Tír na nÓg, the Welsh land of eternal youth, it is here, but you have to look for it. It takes some effort to create a moment in your perception, when the light is just right, in which you can see it.

The original Magic Kingdom. The Garden of Life.


30 Dec

2015-12-30 17.09.08

beginnings of another picture. experimenting with colored pencil -(prismacolor verithin)I’m really wondering how this is going to turn out- i usually make a black india ink outline and shade after, with markers first followed with pencil(normal prismacolors) after. My thoughts so far are centering around the feminine principle- how it is always young, vibrant; Life Itself- and always ready to  re-enchant our tired urban world like a breath of fresh air. To me, she is always present in wide open spaces; in nature. That’s easy right? Hard is patiently clearing that open space- more often than not in ourselves- so that the wild vibrancy and beauty of life can radiate and renew us.

The owl? Well, he was a surprise. I knew I wanted something there, but did not have that in mind. so here he is, and I am certain that I will hear his contribution soon enough.

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