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The Green Man

6 Sep

The Green Man

Maeve’s Brooch

2 Sep

Maeve's Brooch


You belong.

12 Jan

sacred ground janet balboa 2016

Some days it just good to know that you’re alive. That you have a pulse and that you’re breathing. That’s all we really have anyway.

Our connection to Life- through our breath- is the most sacred, the most Holy spot on earth. Our breath is in fact, the center of our personal little universe. It’s what holds us together and what binds us as one with all of life.

We are the Lords and Ladies of the great eternal dance around and about the Mystery that contains and sustains and delights in each and every one of us. We Belong. Delightful!


30 Dec

2015-12-30 17.09.08

beginnings of another picture. experimenting with colored pencil -(prismacolor verithin)I’m really wondering how this is going to turn out- i usually make a black india ink outline and shade after, with markers first followed with pencil(normal prismacolors) after. My thoughts so far are centering around the feminine principle- how it is always young, vibrant; Life Itself- and always ready to  re-enchant our tired urban world like a breath of fresh air. To me, she is always present in wide open spaces; in nature. That’s easy right? Hard is patiently clearing that open space- more often than not in ourselves- so that the wild vibrancy and beauty of life can radiate and renew us.

The owl? Well, he was a surprise. I knew I wanted something there, but did not have that in mind. so here he is, and I am certain that I will hear his contribution soon enough.


it’s your lucky day!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick's DayFeel free to share…may your day be full of magic!

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