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30 Dec

2015-12-30 17.09.08

beginnings of another picture. experimenting with colored pencil -(prismacolor verithin)I’m really wondering how this is going to turn out- i usually make a black india ink outline and shade after, with markers first followed with pencil(normal prismacolors) after. My thoughts so far are centering around the feminine principle- how it is always young, vibrant; Life Itself- and always ready to  re-enchant our tired urban world like a breath of fresh air. To me, she is always present in wide open spaces; in nature. That’s easy right? Hard is patiently clearing that open space- more often than not in ourselves- so that the wild vibrancy and beauty of life can radiate and renew us.

The owl? Well, he was a surprise. I knew I wanted something there, but did not have that in mind. so here he is, and I am certain that I will hear his contribution soon enough.

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