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29 Mar

A little project of mine since forever.
In the cycle of the moon, it is the First Quarter Moon.
half light half dark
a choice point.
Tomorrow, I will walk out into my world under a Gibbous Moon, ideally, with a sense of wonder, delight, desire and adventure.
The word commitment is often paired with the1st Quarter Moon and for me it’s becoming a conscious commitment to the practice of ‘getting my heart in the right place’ – opening up and out to the World.

I’m making a deal with myself today, that I will try to pull back on my knee-jerk fears when they come up, and exchange fear for blessing- seeing what is in front of me, the situation, the person, the thing, each event, as it IS. I bless what is; unconditionally.
In theory, this attention will help attend to my shadow, in the moment, as it presents itself.
My shadow side doesn’t respond well to the bright light of day, analysis or reason.
I’m practicing this unconditional self love, figuring that this too is a skill that can be learned. So, the practice. Swap fear for love. And the deal is, it’s just for a lunar week.
And, the picture is Telephoros. An important symbol for this half and half day. He’s Part of my Anam Cara picture- from ages ago. He’s speaking to me again, bringing a soft glow to all the hidden bits.
Link to my post about telephoros: https://janetbalboa.com/2014/09/11/dwarfs-illumination-and-knowing-that-everything-matters/

practice practice practice.

2 Jan


I have had someone ask me to draw Merlin. So I am practicing. And this is how I practice. Grab a magazine cover and the markers. I chose this cover initially, because I loved this man’s intense stare, thinking that to my mind, a Merlin may in fact have a similar countenance.

This is only the cover of the magazine. I work it Creative Arts, a local art studio, and we devour magazines for portrait and gesture studies, so more often than not, the magazines rarely survive intact. After I had finished, several students and I tore the place apart hoping to find the rest of the magazine. We found the contents page, mostly covered with acrylic paint and marker, apparently a well loved palette for the younger students. But at the bottom :

a pilgrim pauses in his meditation at the shrine of an 11th century Sufi saint. ‘photo by Reza’.


And so it goes. This is the beginning of an idea- way out early when it can turn into anything- pure potential. I love this wide-open phase, but I also dearly love the drawing in progress where I have limited the options and am fairly certain that I know more or less, what the outcome will be. I have collapsed the wave, the work is done and all I have to do is color in the lines. for the Merlin, however, the work hasn’t really started yet.

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