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Change the World?

4 Dec

Can we change the world? Or is it our perspective that needs changing? I created this presentation to try to clarify for myself how my external world and internal world are elegantly fused and insanely intertwined. How change in ‘my’ world affects change in the ‘outside’ world…

As we change our mind, practice a higher vibration, fall in love with our intimate beautiful selves, I believe that the world will reflect our attitude right back to us. All things change when we do. 
I’ve used images and words to help shift conscious awareness from local to universal and back again. Let me know what you think. 
I’ve also included the meditation to be read at Slide 9 ( yep – old school- but what do you call it if not a ‘slide’?!) click the link at the very end for the meditation.

Please click the link below to watch my Change the World presentation:


This was our discussion last night at class – a slide show on changing the world.

Whew…three weeks since our last Monday night class. Snow days, Chicago film screenings, lots of happenings! 

Great to be together in the same space again  : ) 

Much love,


The Tiny Cairn

24 Aug

The Tiny Cairn

Cairns are markers of an ancient sort. Over the millennia they have marked roads, burials, buried supplies, boundaries and countless other things. Here is a cairn to mark today as a special day – a marker for whatever needs celebrating, honoring or just a plain old mini monument to elegantly proclaim ‘I was here!’ Which you are. You are alive. Full of possibilities. Mischief. Life. What kind of mark will you make?!

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